New regulations regarding construction work authorisations

Starting with the 31st of October 2012, Law no. 50/1991 regarding construction work authorisations will be modified by the entrance into force of Law No. 154/2012 regarding the regime of the electronic communications networks infrastructure.

So, article 4 of Law no. 50/1991 is modified in the sense that construction work authorisations are given by the mayor of Bucharest, with the notice of the district mayoralties of Bucharest, for modernization works, rehabilitations, extension of the urban municipal networks, of the urban ground and underground transport networks, of water and gas transport networks, as well as heating, electricity and sewage networks and/or streets rehabilitation that are in the administration of the Mayoralty of Bucharest.

Also, is was introduced the mention (art. 21) that for the installation and development of electronic communications networks, the Ministry for Tourism and Regional Development will give an coordinating notice, with which the presidents of district councils involved, and the mayor of Bucharest will give construction authorisations in their area of competency. Construction authorisations produce effects as of the entrance into force of the last emitted authorisations.

>> Source: JURIDICE.ro


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