Radu Ionescu: What is the impact of the lawsuits for reclaiming the clawback tax to the budget of National Health Insurance House?

”What is the impact that the several lawsuits opened by pharmaceutical companies in order to recover the clawback tax will hold on the budget of the National House of Health Insurance, given the fact that the Law Firm IONESCU ȘI SAVA alone has taken to court over 20 causes, and the total amount that is to be recovered raises up to approximately 80 million lei? – this is one of the most significant themes to be publicly discussed in the pharma field”, as it was stated by Radu Ionescu, Managing Partner of the Law Firm IONESCU ȘI SAVA, during an event dedicated to pharmaceutical industry.

”This year we recovered 20 milion lei for our clients, by bringing their causes in front of the court, and what I have noticed lately, in the field of pharma compaies, is that, although in the initial stage, some of them were inclined to accept the clawback tax level as it was enforced by the NHHI, now they are wondering what the best way to contest it is”, has declared Radu Ionescu.

”Even though, starting with the 1st of July 2015, huge decrease in medicine prices has been recorded, the level of clawback tax has not undertaken any amendments and, also, the (not so transparent) way this tax is calculated by the NHHI continues to be a mistery”, added the IONESCU ȘI SAVA‘s representative.

In 2015, the Law Firm IONESCU ȘI SAVA irrevocably won six trials covering the annulment of the clawback taxes, which, all in all, give a value of approximately 4.5 milion euro (20 milion lei). The lawyers from IONESCU SI SAVA handles, in different procedural stages, a number of other 20 lawsuits, a part of which have already been won in trial court and, at present, are submitted to recourse, in front of the High Court of Cassation and Justice. The total value of these causes is of about 80 milion euro.

About the Law Firm IONESCU ȘI SAVA

The first 10 years passed with flying colours in the field of business law. The Law Firm IONESCU ȘI SAVA has been founded in 2005, by a team of lawyers who have gained experience working for some of the most famous law firms in Romania. In a relatively short time, IONESCU ȘI SAVA has won a solid reputation on the law market in Romania, offering quality juridical services, deep understanding of the clients’ needs and business, being efficient and available.

:: The Source: JURIDICE.ro

Alexandra-Adriana Dobrișan

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