Finance Minister’s Orders Amended

Monitorul Oficial al Romaniei No. 264 / 23 April 2012  has published Order No 518 / 13 April 2012 amending some orders of the Minister of Public Finance.

The major amendments refer to:

Order No 2222 / 2006 – the provisions regarding the instructions for the granting of value added tax exemption in respect to supplies of goods or provision of services in the field of ship building under Art.143 (1) (h) (e.g. ships designed to navigate on sea, used in international passenger and/or freight transportation, in fishing or any other economic activity, in salvage or assistance at sea).
Order No 2389 / 2011 – instructions for filling in value added tax exemption certificates relating to provision of services / supply of goods to US Forces in the cases provided by Art.143 (1) (j), (j1), (k), (l) and (m) of the Tax Code (e.g. diplomatic missions, consulate offices, international bodies) and by Arts. X and XI of the Agreement between Romania and the United States of America, Regarding the Status of United States Forces in Romania).
Order No 2795 / 2011 – criteria in effect on which the registration of taxable entities for VAT purposes depends; more precisely, the condition which should be fulfilled by shareholders, i.e. to have no offences registered in their tax records.

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