The lawyers practice for magistrates

Tax obligations without penalty: The Official Gazette of Romania, part I, no. 707 dated 6 october 2011 published the Order of the Minister of Public Finance no. 2604/2011 on the application of the provisions of the art. XI from the Government Ordinance no. 30/2011 for the change and the completion of the Law no. 571/2003 on the Tax Code, and for the regulation of certain financial-fiscal measures. The good news is about removing/reducing the delay penalties for the taxpayers who pay their tax liabilities by the end of 2011 or in the first half of the next year. Please take the opportunity. * * * The classes began at the National School of Clerks:  Invited at the opening of the classes NSC, the judge and member of SCM, Marius Tudose, told to the prospective clerks to take advantage of this study period, because after the 7 months of training they are waited in the hot trenches of the justice. Statistically speaking, 10-15% of NSC graduates become judges. * * * The execution of the court decisions later, not now: That means in 2016. Concerned about the fate of the discussion in the Chamber of Deputies of the GO on the payment of certain amounts provided in enforceable with the granting of the labor rights for the staff from the public sector, the president of the SCM, the judge Horatius Dumbrava, sent an open letter to the presidency of the Chamber of Deputies, Roberta Anastase. Arguments like the ECHR jurisprudence, the access to the justice or the practice of the authorities were detailed. Prosecutor’ Office from the HCCJ expressed a point of view in the sense that there is a possibility that the exception to be transformed in a rule to which will resort all the creditors. The Liberal Social Union will challenge to the Constitutional Court this ordinance, the staggering being, according to LBU “a legal aberration”. * * * A thousand and one likes for on Facebook: On 10 October 2011,  counted 1000 likes on Facebook. Thank you. * * * The magistrates allowances discussed by the SCM: The judge Horatius Dumbrava, the president of the SCM, proposed the change of the legislation on the magistrate’s allowances in the sense that the ones finally convicted for acts of corruption or about the job cannot receive a special allowance.  The project will be discussed in the committees of SCM, planning to return to the Plenum. The vote was unanimous. The proposal of the president of the SCM is supported by two of the most important professional associations of the magistrates, NUJR and MAR – Cluj branch. * * * The SCM ears some media: The rumors in the press regarding to the possible research of 20 judges from the HCCJ are likely to create unacceptable pressures, generating distrust in the act of Justice made by the most serious court of Romania. The SCM asks that the provided information to be based official releases and not on the legal sources. * * * Out from magistracy: The judge Dan Lupascu, the president of the Court of Appeal of Bucharest, notified the Judicial Inspection of the SCM for the job failure in point of the judge Andreea Florescu, from Cornetu Court. More specifically because she didn’t edited 429 decisions, some in cases with arrested. The section of judges on disciplinary matters decided the exclusion from the magistracy. * * * The lawyers practice for magistrates: The curriculum of the auditors of justice in the first year was completed in the sense that for a month the auditors of justice will practice in the law firms. The initiative in laudable and consequences will be seen quickly. * * * Daniel Morar puts his finger on the wound: Invited at TVR 1, Daniel Morar, the head of NDA, talked about the quality of the decisions passed by the judges of HCCJ. The College of Management of the HCCJ showed, through a press release, that the affirmations are made in a moment when the image of the Supreme Court “suffers by the prosecution against two judges”.


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