Pension Law amendments

In the Romanian Official Gazette, Part I, no. 444 dated June 22, 2015 it was published the Law no. 155/2015 amending Law no. 263/2010 on the unitary public pension system.

For equal treatment, the new law establishes the reduction of the retirement age for people who, before 1 April 2001 have carried out activities in class I of work for more than 6 years. So far, only people who have worked in these conditions for at least 6 years benefited from the reduction of the standard retirement age.

Individuals who have worked in group I of work, those who have worked in other conditions and specific conditions will receive a reduction in the retirement age for contributory period of at least two years.

Periods of employment completed in group II of work until 1 April 2001 represent contribution periods under special conditions, used to reduce the standard retirement age, except for the tasks that are assigned to special conditions.

Periods of employment performed in the group I of work until 1 April 2001, in the activities that are assigned to special work conditions, constitute length in special conditions in order to reduce the standard retirement age.

Length of employment in the group I of work, special work conditions and/or other conditions of employment of less than two years is also taken into consideration in reducing the standard retirement age.

Certificates attesting the employment of persons in former groups I and/or II of work are taken into consideration only if they have been issued under the law provisions, based on verifiable documents produced prior to April 1, 2001.

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