What a lovely spring!

1. What a lovely spring! Half year after the overturn of the situation in the field of civil law, after a few months of legal grief, this spring brings to us reviews on the new Civil Code.

 The New civil Code – reviews, doctrine and jurisprudence is a monumental work, with an in-depth and detailed approach.

From now on we cannot complain any more that the new civil Code is an unclear land. The new civil Code reviewed and annotated that the Hamangiu Publisher brings to us marks the time from which, on the unclear land, may begin the edification of the Romanian New Civil Law.

2. In the publicist landscape of Romania appeared a new publication: The Jurist’s Journal, edited by Rentrop & Straton, with the support of JURIDICE.ro

The Jurist’s Journal it is addressed to the best and most straight of the jurists.

The Dacians were the best and the most straight of the Thracians. So the legal advisers. Are the best and the most straight of the jurists.

The legal adviser is not a professional aggressor, as the lawyer is, nor someone who is in the service of the law, as the magistrate is, nor a member of a caste, as the notary and the officer of the court are. The legal adviser is the organization brain and able hand, sometimes even a screwdriver or a monkey wrench.

The legal advisers are the organization’s old hand. The Jurist’s Journal gives a hand, suggestions for efficient and fast solutions. Sweet reading!


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