The Civil Code with the sense of humor

The theses and the antitheses of the Civil Code: will transmit live, probably, the most interesting conference on the new Civil Code which will be held at Cluj, on 4-5 November 2011. The professors from Bucharest and the professors from Cluj face to face! The National Institute of Training and Improvement of the Lawyers gives 15 points to the lawyers who participate and to the ones who will be live online within two days of conference. * * * The Civil Code was made by people with the sense of humor: In an interview given to the coordinator of, Andrei Savescu, the professor Lucian Mihai said that the work on the Civil Code was, from a perspective, easy and enjoyable. Easy – due to the team, forasmuch most of them had been students, with 3 exceptions (Nicolae Turcu, Mircea Bob and Valeriu Stoica). And enjoyable – forasmuch „all these colleagues have an extraordinary developed sense of humor. It was harder to work with gloomy people.” * * * 8 from 10: Not less than ten appeals on points of law solved HCCJ in the session on 17 October 2011. Eight were admitted while one said by the General Prosecutor of Romania and another one by the Leading Board of the Court of Appeal Galati were declared inadmissible. It works hard on the unification of the practice. * * * New faces at the National Anticorruption Directorate and the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism: In an interview held at NAD, 9 prosecutors will take the path of the National Anticorruption Directorate. At DIICOT, 15 prosecutors have received the SCM’s notice and only one being rejected. * * * Heavy sanctions in magistracy: Two judges from the Court of Racari – Florica Mihalcea si Adriana Voicu – were excluded from magistracy for exercising with bad faith and the failure of the procedural dispositions in the investigation of files with the object of delivery some decisions which can took place as an authentic act of sale. Also, because the nephew of sister, Sorina Ciornei, first deputy prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Court of Deva, , has got away with it, was sanctioned with a warning and the dismissal from office. * * * The appreciation of a magistrate with disabilities: An important and waited draft of GD was launched in a public debate by the Ministry of Justice. This draft refers to the conditions for granting compensations for damages suffered by the magistrates in carrying out their duties or in connection with these. For disability of I degree, the magistrate is given 20.000 EUR. * * * What about the celerity?: SCM has released the fact that at the judicial system level there are 138.505 cases older than one year. Also, an important number of files are suspended: 129.249. Were proposed a series of measures, major implications having the Judicial Inspection and the leaderships of the courts of appeal. * * * Another Code: During the meeting which the minister CatalinPredoiu had with Steven van Groningen, the president of the Foreign Investors Council in Romania has agreed to develop the cooperation for the development and the launch the next year of a Code of Corporate Governance. Interesting!


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