WTR 1000 designates Răzvan Dincă in the Gold Band section and selects “newly formed” Răzvan Dincă & Asociaţii as Recommended expert

World Trademark Review 1000 published this year’s ranking for World Leading Trademark Professionals. Răzvan Dincă was ranked in the Gold Band, being portrayed as “a superbly well-informed professional who really knows his way around the litigation process; he uses his creative ingenuity to get successful resolutions.” Răzvan Dincă was ranked in the WTR 1000 Gold band also over passed years, being recognized as one of the best intellectual property practitioners in Romania, able to meet the highest standards requested by many well reputed companies acting in this field. WTR 1000 also recognized the competence of the newly set up law firm, Răzvan Dincă & Asociaţii, selecting it as Recommended expert.

The WTR 1000 recommendations are firms and individuals considered as delivering top-quality trademark services, thus forming an elite group, among which those who have a significant edge over their competitors in terms of reputation are classified in the highest band, the Gold one.

Firms and individuals in the Gold Band are those that attract the most positive comments according to the research performed by the IP Media Group. As mentioned by WTR 1000, they are identified as the creme de la creme and their success hinges on reputations established over lengthy periods of time, which enables them to secure the most high-profile, big-ticket work from the most demanding of clients.

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