How is to be a judge at the High Court

Catalin Predoiu face to face with the presidents of the courts of appeal: The Minister of Justice asked the presidents of the courts of appeal to clean their own yards, forasmuch they know their colleagues and the things must be put in place. No more statements, “it must act now for the discipline and the professionalization of a key-system for the operation of the whole society and the preservation of the public order and the citizen safety”. * * * Open doors day: The courts and the prosecutors offices in the country celebrated the Open Doors Day. On which occasion were invited pupils, students, justice seekers, ordinary people and journalists to see how a court works. Informed, the Court of Appeal Pitesti, the Court of Galati, the Court of Appeal Iasi, the Court of Appeal Timisoara, the Court of Appeal Craiova and SCM. Also, at the initiative of the General Prosecutor of Romania, Laura Codruta Kovesi, was launched the joint program the Prosecutor’s Office of the HCCJ-NIM, for the auditors of justice and which aims to establish meetings between prosecutors who are specialized on different fields with the auditors of justice. * * * Lawyer at 100 years old: Ion Podasca, lawyer of the Bucharest Bar, received from the National Association of the Romanian Bars, celebrating 100 years, the Medal of Honor, along with the “Diploma of Honor” and from the Bucharest Bar Association the “Diploma for dedication to the profession of lawyer”. Happy birthday, Master! * * * Three proposals for the Romanian Academy: The professors Ion Dogaru, Nicolae Popa and George Antoniu are proposed for tenure, corresponding member and honorary member of the Romanian Academy. * * * The high corruption files to control: All the files of high corruption will be checked by the Judicial Inspection. There will be no exception. So, the inspectors will reach the HCCJ where it will be analyzed the managerial work too. In late January 2012, is expected to complete the control. The decision was taken by the Plenum of the SCM. * * * Without special retirements for corrupted magistrates: The Plenum of the SCM decided to appeal the Ministry of Justice with the proposal initiated by the president of the SCM, the judge Horatius Dumbrava, meaning that the magistrates convicted for job infraction, corruption infraction not to beneficiate of the retirement establish by the law. It remains to be seen of the MJ will trigger a legislative initiative. * * * Alexandra Sinc for the SCM: The prosecutor Alexandra Sinc from the Prosecutor’s Office of the Bucharest Court, candidate to the SCM, made public her project. Adapted to reality, courageous and with a lot of sense of responsibility. * * * The Bucharest Bar Association and the Court of Appeal of Bucharest are working together: Ion-Ilie Iordachescu and Dan Lupascu signed a cooperation protocol. Among the objectives, it’s included making joint actions to identify the cases of practicing law without a profession. * * * How is to be a judge at the High Court: In an interview given to InfoCSM, Livia Doina Stanciu, the president of the HCCJ, was saying: “I behaved inhuman to my colleagues. Come anytime, especially after 20.00 or on weekend, to see how many judges are in their offices nosed in files. We have judges who have left the hearing, went home and there were stroke”. * * * 16 years of law for Stoica & Associates: The prestigious law firm Stoica and the Associates will celebrate this event at the Hotel Athenee Palace Hilton (8 November 2011).


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