The tuition class

The institutions are collaborating: The Competition Council will collaborate with the Patronage Cofindustria Romania to promote the competition and to eliminate the anticompetitive events. The students of the Faculty of Law of the West University will go into practice at the Court of Appeal Timisoara, following a protocol signed by this court with ELSA Timisoara. Both, the National Association of the Romanian Bars and the Court of Appeal of Bucharest will collaborate under a protocol signed this week. * * * Meeting with the president: The judges from the Court of Appeal of Bucharest met the judge Horatius Dumbrava, the president of the SCM. The reproaches flowed: why not take action against the affirmations of the minister Predoiu or why not send a letter to the same minister when he doesn’t come to the meetings of the SCM for which he is paid for. The president of the SCM said that despite the manifestations of disagreement of the repeated affirmations of the minister, no result was reached. * * * Submitted by the NIM, revoked by the SCM: The section for judges of the SCM decided that the judge Florica Bejinaru can’t participate at the contest for president of the Court of Bucharest because she had a network file of the former security organs. The decision was taken by majority vote. Therefore, the next day, the NIM has published the final list of candidates with the outcome of the SCM. * * * Who wants to be a judge at the High Court?: 30 judges have signed up to attend the interview for the position of judge at the High Court. These include Mihaela Tropcea, currently head of the Judicial Inspection. 7 positions are vacant. Of the 30 judges, 22 come from the courts of Bucharest. * * * With the judge at the ethics counselor: All the courts of Appeal will enjoy the presence of the ethics counselors who will try to rekindle the dilemmas of the judges targeting their behavior at work and in outside too, which will lead to at least maintain the appearance of impartiality in carrying out the act of justice. * * * Soon the Insolvency Code too: A consortium made by PricewaterhouseCoopers Business Recovery Services SPRL, D&B David şi Baias SCA şi RVA Insolvency Specialists SPRL is working at the elaboration of the Insolvency Code, announced the Ministry of Justice. The code will be posted on the website of the Ministry. * * * The High Court goes to the Consulate of the USA: The president of the High Court of Cassation and Justice announced that the space could be used after the date of 30 November 2011. Thus, the High Court will still remain on Batistei Street. * * * The magistrates at the tuition class: The meeting of the Commission of monitoring the progress made by Romania in judicial reform and in the fight against corruption turned into a real tuition class. In the position of the class master – the president Traian Basescu, in “desks” – the magistrates. Many expressed dissatisfactions: the solutions given by the magistrates in the cases on challenging the public auctions, in the cases on the challenging the acts of public authorities (particular cases – civil servants), where to pay 9 billion representing payment obligations from the court ruling… The final wish was “I wish you fruitful to work on the CVM, but be careful because the CVM is not enough”.


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