Amendments regarding product marketing and marketing services

In the Romanian Official Gazette, Part I, no. 202 dated March 26, 2015 it was published the Law no. 57/2015 amending and supplementing Art. 33 of the Government Ordinance no. 99/2000 regarding the marketing of products and marketing services.

According to the law, any trader announcing a price reduction must set a reference point to the price charged in the same selling space for identical goods or services. The reference price is the lowest price charged in the same sales area during the last 30 days before the application of the new low price.

The law also supplements the Government Ordinance no. 99/2000 with provisions regarding the exposure mode of products marketed with low price by 3 days prior to the expiration date.

Therefore, the products offered at discounted marketing offer/promotional offers, by 3 days before the expiry date of minimum durability/the consumption deadline associated for food or validity/date of minimum durability of related non-food, will be sorted and exposed to trading on shelves or stands, visible delimited, with correct, complete and accurate consumer information. Not doing so will be considered unfair commercial practice and will be sanctioned according to legal regulations in force.

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