How can get a lawyer in Heaven

It is said that a lawyer as we meet daily died and got to Heaven. As soon as he woke up there, the first thing that he did was to wonder and to ask the people around to ensure that place is the Heaven, not a devilish manipulation. Asking and studying carefully the environment he is convinced that he is truly in Heaven…

Indeed, after the wondering moments followed discouraging moments, his acute sense of justice pricking his mind with the thought that his free presence in Heaven is an injustice. He looks carefully for God. He finds him in a quiet walk in the center of the Heaven. Quickly, the lawyer – active, busy, curious, solver – comes in front of God to question him…

“God, I apologize to bother You, says cheekily the lawyer, but I want to point you without delay some aspects which I consider being important for Your decisions, if you allow me…”
“I am listening to you, My dear…”
“God, I don’t want to refer to how things are going in the world, because You know better how You want to be, and I don’t even think to doubt about your competence or your authority, but I want to highlight some issues related to the selection of those who get to Heaven. Don’t understand me wrong, I am very glad that I am here, thank you, and I don’t want to change your mind. But it seems to me that it is not normally, a lawyer as I am… to get to Heaven, and other people, with good heart, that I know, not to be here.”
“My dear, come with me, I can explain you…”

God leads the lawyer to an edge of Heaven, where it can be admired the sea shore, a smooth beach, wide, with fine sand.

“Can you see those footsteps? God said showing footsteps… That was your way in life… “
“But, God, I see two footsteps, not just my steps.”
“Indeed, My dear, there are two footsteps, because I was always with you, even if you didn’t see me.”
“Well, the lawyer understood. But I see that at a moment only a single row of steps remain, you left me…”
“No, My dear, there you fall, and I took you and held you in my arms.”


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