HCCJ. Rights of successors of the defunct partner

High Court of Cassation and Justice has ruled that, in accordance with Art. 202 para. (3) of Law no. 31/1990, the death of the shareholder, the Company is required to pay social side to success, according to the last approved balance sheet. In this case, birth payment obligation relates to the date of the last balance sheet approved, existing at the time of death of the shareholder. The High Court has held that the defunct shareholder rights must be determined in the same manner as those of the partner excluded or withdrawing from society and they should be reported at fair value, market assets at the time of death, not their value as reflected in the balance sheet. (Decision no. 4091 of October 23, 2012 rendered the appeal of Section II of the Civil High Court of Cassation and Justice covering claims).

:: The Source: JURIDICE. ro

Oana-Maria CHIRIȚĂ

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