The limit values for green certificates have been established

In the Official Gazette of Romania, Part I, no. 154 dated 4 March 2015 was published the Order no. 9/2015 of the National Regulatory Authority for Energy, on the approval of thresholds for trading green certificates and the counter value of a not acquired green certificate, applicable for 2015.

The limit values ​​for trading green certificates on the green certificates market for 2015 are:
– the minimum value of RON 131.0847 / green certificate (i.e. EUR 29.3971 / green certificate);
– maximum value of RON 267.0358 / green certificate (i.e. EUR 59.8856 / green certificate).

The equivalent of a green certificate which was not acquired by economic operators who have the annual obligation to acquire green certificates, in case of not reaching the mandatory annual quota for acquisition of green certificates in 2015, shall be RON 534.0673 / not acquired green certificate (i.e. EUR 119.7702  / green certificate not acquired).

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Adina Elena OPREA
Junior lawyer

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