Regulation for issuing green certificates

In the Romanian Official Gazette Part I, no. 118 dated February 16, 2015 it was published the Order of the President of the National Energy Regulatory no. 4/2015 on the approval of the issuance of green certificates.

The Regulation applies to:
– Transmission system operator, as an issuer of green certificates;
– Economic operators accredited by NRAE in order to benefit from the green certificate promotion;
– Network operators whose networks have power plants connected for producing electricity from renewable sources, in order to confirm the production of electricity from renewable energy sources, supplied by them in electricity networks and/or to the consumers.

Regulation details aspects concerning:
– Method for calculating the amount of RES-E benefiting from green certificate promotion system provided by Law no. 220/2008 for the system to promote energy production from renewable energy sources;
– The issuance of green certificates;
– The parties involved and their responsibilities in carrying out the issuing process of green certificates.

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