Start for the new Sintact

New prices for the Trade Register: New charges for the ancillary services provided by the offices of the trade register besides the courts and by the National Trade Register Office were published in the Official Gazette of Romania. For example, 3, 63 RON costs the guidance for completing the applications. * * * Brandusa Stefanescu – Laudatio: The Romanian Journal of Private Law will dedicate the 2012 to Ms. Brandusa Stefanescu. * * * Revolutionary conference: will hold a conference with a topic of maximum interest, which will be supported by the professor Traian Stefanescu on November 28th, 2011. The event will be held at the Romanian-American University, and it can be viewed online, with the possibility of obtaining INPPA points for the participants lawyers. * * * Three for a place: Stefan Crisu, Alexandra Sinc and Petre Voinescu met the voters from the Prosecutor’s Office jurisdiction besides the Court of Appeal Bucharest. There were attacks, diplomatic presentations and moderate participation. Preferred to vote, was Petre Voinescu, at considerable distance from the other two opponents, winning 55 votes against 25 votes, Alexandra Sinc and 5 votes, Stefan Crisu. * * * The courts ask the CJ answers: The Courts of Alba and Dambovita addressed questions to the Court of Justice to issue a preliminary decision. If the first court wants to know how much the salary reductions made by the Romanian State are in contradiction with the bylaws of the Fundamental Charter of the European Union, the second court is interested if the Protocol no. 1 additionally of the ECHR admits the reduction of the budget salaries, by state intervention. * * * Start for the New Sintact: Dan Stoica, the General Director of Wolters Kluwer Romania, announced that it was launched the New Sintact, a full digital legislative platform, offline and online. Please test it. * * *Laws given by the judges: The judges of the HCCJ decided, resolving appeals in points of law, that:- The National Agency of Integrity has no standing to attack the solutions of NUP and non-commencing trial of the prosecutors;- It is permissible the action having as an object the obligation of the Prefect Institution to register the second-hand vehicles purchased from another EU member state, without paying the pollution tax;- The monthly allowance for the child it is granted for every child born of twins, triplets or multiplets;- The Romanian State has no standing in actions in which it is required the grant of entitlements for the abusive taking of the buildings (based on the Law 10/2001). * * * HCCJ – very interesting: A guide on the general circumstances aggravating and mitigating applicable to a wide range of criminal facts and a semester study on the individualization of the sentences in corruption cases were published by the HC. For the use of the judges specialized in criminal law, but to lawyers too, to know what to expect. * * * From the court directly to the HCCJ: A new project of the MJ to promote the magistrates at the HC was endorsed, with amendments, by the SCM. The proposal of the SCM concerns the possibility to participate at the contest the judges from the courts and the prosecutors of the prosecutor’s offices besides the courts. The amendment belongs to Adrian Neacsu. * * * The justice in the hands of Sorin Ovidiu Vantu: The Court of Appeal of Bucharest decided that Sorin Ovidiu Vantu to be judged at large in the case of money laundering and embezzlement. His statements determined Laura Codruta Kovesi to notify the SCM and Horatius Dumbrava to address to the National Audiovisual Council of Romania. Sorin Ovidiu Vantu said in front of the judges: “At the Court of Appeal, as far as I know, the officers are in every two, so I might go home or I might go to prison. If I go to prison, I will take the justice in my hands”. * * * The decentralization of the buildings: The place of the county inspectorates in buildings will be taken by 7 regional directions in buildings plus the Regional Directorate in Buildings of Bucharest-Ilfov. * * * The training of the judges at three stars: The Official Gazette of Romania published the maximum amount of the accommodation and transport costs that can be charged to the Court of Appeal budget for training activity. The accommodation will be settled only at three stars hotels and in terms of transport, the first class tickets will be settled. * * * The lawyers become magistrates cannot promote until after 3 years: The regulation of promotion of the magistrates was changed in the sense that lawyers with 5 years old, become magistrates by contest, cannot participate to the contest of promotion in the executive positions for at least 3 years from appointment. * * * The UNBR session: On 2nd to 4th of December, 2011, the Romanian lawyers leadership meets at the Permanent Commission of the UNBR and of the UNBR Council. We look forward the decisions, especially in terms of lawyers taxes, unchanged for more than 6 years. * * * A Romanian is in the Commission of Justice of the EP: George Becali said that from next year he will be a member of this commission, adding “let see how they calling me to the NDA”. * * * Catalin Predoiu at Ion Cristoiu: An interview, Ion Cristoiu’s mark, was published by the MJ. Catalin Predoiu spoke about the position of minister (each minister makes the policy of the Government), about the wife (dealing a design firm, following a passion, after several years she worked as a lawyer), about the children (a boy at school and a girl at kindergarten), about the law (“the life of a lawyer is very difficult, at least in the early years, and becomes more difficult as you have success”) and also about a piquancy (“one of the first lessons you learn as a young trainee lawyer is how to delay a process and how to stretch it as much”)


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