The Law of national social insurance budget on 2015

The Law no. 187/2014 of the national social insurance budget on 2015 was published in the Official Gazette of Romania, Part I, no. 961 of 30th December 2014.

The law provides, for the budgetary year of 2015, the incomes by chapters and subchapters and, the expenses, by destinations and main authorising officers for the national social insurance budget, the unemployment insurance budget, the summary of the budgets of the public institutions financed partially from own incomes, as well as the specific regulations of the budgetary exercise of 2015.

The national social insurance budget, related to the public system of pensions, is established upon incomes amounting 54,724.5 million lei, and upon expenses amounting 54,724.5 million lei.

The average gross salary income used for the substantiation of the national social insurance budget on 2015 is of 2,415 lei.

The amount of death grants is established, under the conditions of law, in the case of:
– the insured person or pensioner, at 2,415 lei;
– a family member of the insured person or of the pensioner, at 1,208 lei.

In 2015, the value of the pension point is of 830.2 lei.

In 2015, the correction index, provided at article 170 of the Law no. 263/2010 regarding the unitary system of public pensions, with further amendments and additions, is of 1.07.

For 2015, the contribution rates for social insurances, unemployment insurances, insurances for work accidents and professional illnesses, as well as for the Guarantee fund for the payment of salary claims remain the same, being provided at article 29618 paragraph (3) let. a), d), e) and f) of the law no. 571/2003 regarding the Tax Code.

The 5% rate related to the private administrated pension funds is included also in the individual social insurance contribution rate, provided by the Law no. 411/2004 regarding the private administrated pension funds, republished.

There are no credits granted in 2015, respectively the non-repayable funds provided at article 86 and 861 of the Law no. 76/2002 (credits in advantageous conditions and non-repayable funds for creating jobs).

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