A new Lawyr.it issue, plus a Special Edition, are now out

Lawyr.it, a peer-reviewed legal journal focused on Central and Eastern Europe, has launched the seventh issue of their magazine, which contains articles on a wide range of legal subjects, from a special rubric for opportunities and legal events, to articles on international law. You can also find two interviews in the Professional Spotlight section, with Cosmin Costas, lawyer and teaching assistant of Public finance law, and Claudiu Gligan, judge at the Cluj Commercial Court and lecturer at the Faculty of Law. Don’t forget to check a very interesting debate on consumer disputes in the Devil’s Advocate section.

Furthermore, as Lawyr.it celebrates two years of activity, they have also launched a special edition containing the best articles that were published in the magazine, as well as a lengthy interview with some special guests. Moreover, some of the readers will receive a small gift as a sign of gratitude for their continuous support: the newly printed Lawyr.it bookmark.

You can find more details on the release here: http://lawyr.it/index.php/about-us/news/252-a-new-lawyr-it-issue-plus-a-special-edition-are-now-out

 About Lawyr.it

Lawyr.it was founded by a team of Romanian students more than two years ago, and soon extended to other Central and Eastern European countries, becoming an international legal publication made exclusively by students. Apart from the legal magazine, Lawyr.it website also features a blog, a section comprising various opportunities for law students, as well as and a legal dictionary. Moreover, as a support to students who are searching for internships or jobs in law firms, Lawyr.it has developed a project named Lawyr.it Compendium, which provides to Romanian law firms involved in the project a collection of CVs sent by students.

 More details about the project can be found at www.lawyr.it.



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