Advocacy, liberal profession, at 150 years

The big legislative reform initiated by the founder of Unification of Romanian Principalities, Alexandru Ioan Cuza, terminated chaos and arbitrary, settling the life of Romanian society on the legality principle. It was created the necessary framework to introduce new law institution that positioned Romania, at the mentioned time, among the countries with advanced legislation. The basis of a modern judicial system were founded, a fact that was reflected in the in the practice of the courts of the time, and even later in time. During this creative effervescence, from a legal point for view, a new look was given to one of the oldest legal professions, that of a lawyer, in accordance to the growing role of law in the country’s life.

6 December 2014, marks 150 years since the “Law for Establishment the Advocate Corps” was adopted on 6 December 1864, law that regulated a profession as old and as important for achieving a fair and impartial act of justice. The need for a more rapid overcoming of the semi-feudal era and for the inclusion of the country on the modern development coordinated had no more patience and imposed such regulation. Once again, it was demonstrated the opening of the Romanians towards legal rigor and beyond.

It was rightfully said that this law bears the profound imprint of its time, as all the other organizational laws then, and that, without breaking the connection with the past, it regulates for the future. And so it was. One of the most important liberal professions was born then, that of a lawyer. It was a regulation that positioned Romanian advocacy next to the countries with tradition in the field. The history of the Romanian bar constitutes, through the contribution of advocacy as profession to impose the rule of law and through the contribution of bar masters on the developing of the Romanian culture and society, an important part of the Romanian history.

PhD, Lawyer Ioan Chelaru

President of the National Union of Jurists in Romania

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