Approving de minimis aid scheme for energy efficiency

In the Official Gazette of Romania, Part I, no. 786 from 29 October 2014 the Minister of Economy has published Order no. 1212/2014, approving de minimis aid scheme for “Financing Energy Efficiency Program (RO 05) in the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2009-2014”.

The objective of the scheme is to support small and medium funding for the initial investment in order to capitalize energy efficiency in industry, which will contribute to sustainable regional development of Romania, stimulating economic development and increasing social cohesion of the regions in which they are implemented.

De minimis aid scheme is addressed to economic operators, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), in industrial sectors, which made an initial investment in any of the eight development regions of Romania. The beneficiaries submit one project individually. Under the scheme can be financed exclusively projects that require initial investments. The scheme applies until April 30, 2016, the estimated number of beneficiaries being 30.
The eligible amount limits for each project are between 60,000 euros and 200,000 euros.
The support measures for businesses in making investments consist of non- reimbursable amounts allocated from EU and national funds.

The amounts will be awarded in several installments, and maximum amount of funding (de minimis aid intensity) is 90% of eligible costs, up 200,000 euros respectively.
The difference to the total amount of eligible costs are beared by the beneficiary from its own sources or attracted. The beneficiary must provide a financial contribution of at least 10% of eligible costs, from personal resources, in a form not subject to any state aid or de minimis.
The assets acquired must be new.

The investment made with financial support under the scheme de minimis must be maintained in the recipient region for at least five years from the date of completion of works.

:: The source: JURIDICE.ro


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