Procedure for changing electricity supplier by final customer

In the Official Gazette of Romania, Part I, no. 781 dated October 27, 2014 was published the President’s Order of the National Energy Regulatory no. 105/2014 for approving the Procedure on changing electricity supplier by the final customer and to amend Annex to the Order of the President of the National Regulatory Authority for Energy no. 35/2010 on the establishment of rules on electricity balancing market.

The procedure establishes the process for switching electricity supplier by the final customer, the method of extinguishing payment obligations due by the final customer to supplier to be changed, and the exchange of data between the final customer and economic operators involved in the change process of the supplier.

Initiating the process of switching supplier can not occur until after the final customer opted for the new supplier.

To enter new electricity supply contract, the customer is required to submit the new provider at least the following data: address of the consumer, the name of the actual supplier, the unique identifier of the point / measurement points scored / given on bill electricity, bills due and unpaid to the date of notification, the related electricity supplied or network services, if any, and the data on the powers absorbed / quantities of electricity for supply of electricity to be provided and, where appropriate other documents prescribed in regulations.

After the final customer and supplier agree on new contract terms, including the price of electricity, concluding electricity supply contract, which takes effect from the date of termination of the contract with the actual supplier.

Final customer is obliged to notify the current provider about termination at least 21 days before, compliance with contractual terms.Notification must be clear, unequivocal express decision of switching current supplier and explicitly specify the termination date of the existing supply contract.

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