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The ideal justice: Present at Realitatea TV, last weekend, the minister Predoiu said that the corruption in justice in worrying extended and that “even if it were a single corrupt judge, we should worry”. A few days later, the SCM adopted the Strategy to strengthen the judicial integrity and the Action Plan for its implementation for 2011-2016. * * * The conference JURIDICE.ro: The bailiff Bogdan Dumitrache and the judge Evelina Oprina will hold a conference on 13 of December 2011 about the blocking of forced execution. The event will be held at Romanian-American University and it can be accessed online too. The moderator will be the judge Adina Cornea. * * * The lawyer practice launches: In the last month of this year, the Bucharest Bar will hold book launches (be it legal or fiction) of lawyers of Bucharest. The start will be given by the launch of the Attorney Practice, autors: Andrei Savescu, coordinator of JURIDICE.ro, Marinela Cioroaba si Ruxandra Nitoiu, launch which will be held on Wednesday, 30 of November 2011, in the Room of the Lost Steps of Court of Appeal Bucharest. * * * Exams: For the contest of changing the notary offices on 23 of November 2011 organized by the National Union of Public Notaries, ran 39 notaries on 23 seats. The most posts were at stake by the Timisoara Chamber of Public Notaries– 5 seats, while the Bucharest Chamber of Public Notaries – none. The NIM posted the scale test results for lawyers of 5 years old who ran for 40 seats. Adriana Ioana Sincu-Badea had the highest score (89) for judges, and Dan Cristian Ene, at prosecutors, was the first (84, 5). * * * Afterthought at the Bucharest Court: Few judges of the Court of Bucharest attended the General Assembly which must decide on triggering the dismissal procedure of the member of the SCM, Adrian Neacsu. But the judge Neacsu participated and he discussed with the judges. Before coming to Bucharest Court, Adrian Neacsu has released an open letter to the Bucharest Court judges in which he showed that “in the exercise of my mandate as a member of the SCM I will not support preferential the interests of any instance in the expense of others, not even of the court from where I am”. * * * Law from the High Court: Resolving appeals on points of law, the High Court of Cassation and Justice decided: – Appeal of court in the revocation of conditional suspension of execution of the sentence or of suspension of the sentence under supervision, in case of failure by the convicted of the civil obligations established by the sentence, must be made before the expiration of the trial, whether the proceedings take place before or after the expiration of this term; – The forms of remuneration in global agreement (provided by the Law of remuneration after the quantity and the quality of work) will be taken into account in setting and recalculation of retirements in the public system, if it were included in the gross salary and if for it was paid the social insurance contributions to public system of retirements; – The 25 % reduction applies for compensations for leave for the 2009-2010 in case of requests made by the teaching and the auxiliary teaching staff in pre-university education. * * * Timesheet for the police: Since March, next year, 12.000 police officers will work at the National Incident Reporting System, a kind of picture that will reflect all police events. So, every police officer will enter into an online network throughout the entire country the last activity in 24 hours. * * * Pictures made by lawyers: Unique exhibition of photography was organized by the Constanta Bar all last week. The lawyers who dared were Liviu Cristescu, Gabriel Guran, Marius Nada and Viorel Papu. The lawyers are people too. * * * Paul Craig at RJEL: The editor of the Romanian Journal of European Law, Mihai Sandru, said that the professor Paul Craig will join the Scientific College of the journal, published by Wolters Kluver Romania. * * * Response from CJ to HCCJ. The Court of Justice answered to the preliminary questions addressed by the High Court of Cassation and Justice in the case of Globus Circus Bucharest against the Union of Composers and Musicologists of Romania – the Copyright Association. The panel of judges of the High Court was chaired by the judge Octavia Spineanu-Matei, who also drew up the text of the preliminary question.


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