About friends on Facebook

Many words are changing their meaning over time. For example, the word “negotiation” nowadays has the main meaning, negotiation for establishing the price, bargaining (meaning bargaining as to the market…). In the past, this word had the meaning of organization, disposal. Even today, the second meaning is that of agreement, convention. All these meanings aren’t even a little derogatory, but the word “negotiation” slipped in time to the current main sense, which is derogatory.

On Facebook the concept of friend is no longer what is was. The “friends” are not friends in the common meaning. But among the “friends” are friends too. I don’t think that Facebook made a value of friendship degradation, but merely a semantic slip of the word “friend”, thing which is not serious if we are aware of it.

Facebook is the sign of the future. It is rightly called socialization platform. Socializing is less on the streets, less at the office and less at home. Facebook is a space where socialization is more intense and more extended than anywhere. People may contact, may keep track of and may slander the friends and the close ones more than everywhere and anytime. The contacts are getting with fewer reservations, with less fear of not bothering. We can address with private messages to any of our friends, without hindrance, while they are at home, lunching, working or entertaining. Moreover, we can address with private messages to anyone… To conclude, we can address to anyone and to all in the same, publicly, saying everything that crosses our minds. I don’t remember seeing so much freedom at a time and I am sure that none of you.

The law is the most social land of human society. The interaction between people made under reinforced rules by the State is not a superstructure element but is the society warp itself. The socialization well tempered is the piano of the life. Therefore, for practitioners in the field of any kind, notaries, magistrates, lawyers, bailiffs, counselors, accountants, Facebook is the future world which has started already: freedom, diversity, attention, understanding, quasi-equity, willingness, joy. This is what I wish to you too!

Do I exaggerate?


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