Good morning, Romania!

Every day our daily lives stereotypes mark the start of our journey, whether we are going to work or on vacation. Concerned, happy, confident or shy, each one of us building our way to overcome life`s difficulties, in other words, to hide the weaknesses of human nature or not, looking for something, but most of the times we run from ourselves.

However, we find ourselves, or better yet said, for a moment time takes on a different dimension when nature rages and in a moment, for some of our siblings, everything falls apart when either they lose all they have gathered during a lifetime, either they leave themselves the present for entering into eternity.

This is what happened in the summer of 2014, when many towns in the south-west of the country were flooded. Over and over again, apocalyptic images unfold on TV channels, interviews and breaking news sites flow, so our human experiences resonate with grief, despair and cries for help.

Commands for disaster areas and meetings are done and undone, some faster than others, organised or individual actions take place, publicly or remaining anonymous, even if it is summer and generally vacation.

Nature does not choose the moment, she rages for the umpteenth time so that we wake up from our indifference and start to organize and find the financial resources to do what is necessary for a decent life for every inhabitant of this country, whether he lives in a city or a village.

I strongly believe that in these times, so difficult for some of our siblings, the people of justice, whether magistrates, clerks, archivists, lawyers, experts, who divide justice, whether they are aspiring lovers of finding the truth or university students in such filed, in an organized institutional or individual system, it is necessary to also divide  humanity, meaning generosity, one of the noblest virtues, in all of its forms.

So, dear colleagues, in justice, love and generosity, in whatever form, let us be involved in a real and constructive human relief effort, unconditional, so that we can be happy and at peace for the priceless things we receive every day, the beauty of our human and Christian existence.

:: The source:

Dr. Judge Rodica Aida POPA
Criminal section of the High Court of Cassation and Justice