Boştină & Associates bolsters litigation team

July the 22nd, 2014, Bucharest  Boştină & Associates Law Firm has bolstered its Litigation and Judicial Enforcements team with the appointment of a qualified lawyer and two trainee lawyers. Anca Dobrescu, qualified lawyer and Petru Cirja and Luiza Mareş, respectively, have joined the litigation team managed by Partner Emilia Toader.

“This is a good time to bring on board experienced lawyers, who can add immediate value to our team, but we should also think about the future and train a new generation of lawyers”, says Managing Partner Gheorghe Boştină.

Currently the “Litigation and Judicial Enforcements” Department is comprised of 37 senior lawyers and three partners, as well as the lawyers of  the 20 B&A local offices, who handle over 1800 case files across the country.

“We will continue to take on experienced lawyers for our practice areas and local offices that so require. However, it is much more important to train new lawyers and to bring up a new generation of business law professionals, capable of developing the profession over the next 20 years,” added Managing Partner Gheorghe Boştină.

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