The life of a judge: Episode 9: AVE CEZAR VAVAN

If I would dare to give Romanians a piece of advice, it would be “It does not hurt to know the Hungarian language” and I would probably be labelled as „sold “, but my advice follows the example of Caragiale. If you read „The Defect ” you would be enlightened.

An unexplored topic is ,for me, how the Hungarian families got to Haimanale, near Ploiesti. However, an assumption can be provided. The strange armed fighting for the autonomy of Hungary in 1848 was made ​​on the basis of feudal criteria: grofs– sentenced prisoners and the Hungarian serfs – soldiers. After its defeat, the army was scattered wherever it could, including in Muntenia , Bucharest , Ploiesti and in other areas, refugees being received in a brotherly manner. Some have retained only their name, being assimilated over time, others kept their language and culture until today, including nostalgia for the mother country, Hungary.

1. About this ethnicity, including its sins and merits, notorious facts speak for themselves, as recorded by history. For example, Nobel prizes and little instances as experienced by me.

Hungarian Winners of Nobel Prize sum in the number of 6:

1 ) Barany 1914 – Medicine ;

2 ) 1961Bekesi – medicine;

3 ) 1971 Denes – Physics;

4 ) 1994 Olah – Chemistry ;

5 ) 2005 Kertesz – literature ;

6 ) 2012 Wigner – physics.

2. At age 12, I was operated for a perforated appendicitis with an imminent peritonitis, a Hungarian surgeon that ripped me, with great effort, from the clutches of death. If he were to reasoned with the heated head of some of the current extremists leaders, he would have left me to perish while saying that there would be a Romanian less.

3. In the same city of Transylvania, a reformed parish next to our house, a young priest had started his internship. Priest who used to teach religion classes to the minors of the parishioners. Something happened, because, urged by the complaints of those parishioners, the local prosecutor’s office opened an investigation. A security assault immediately showed up that seized records including prosecution, being careful not to leave a trace of investigation. Prime Minister Radu Vasile presented this file to Viktor Orban and that was that. A small detail, differentiated the behaviour of the pastor from the enmity of today, against Romania: our neighbour was addressing my mother, who did not know Hungarian with “sărut-mâna” (“I kiss your hands” – Romanian).

4. In 1960, spring, at the law school where I was a student in the first year of college, was hosted by the faculty of chemistry in a few rooms on the ground floor and first floor. A corridor on the ground floor had a group of students debating a question of interpretation of a text written in chalk on a door. The inscription read: „AVE Cezar VAVAN”, all were in agreement with regard to the first two but the third expression was encompassed in a fierce controversy and interpretations did not convince the other debaters. Amid the scientific dispute Shari Neni of the cleaning staff arises and tells students” Go away, do not rip the door off I wrote clearly that: a Vece uproar van (toilet is closed).”

5. In 1995, I travelled from Cluj to Vienna, where I was to present a course of financial transactions for lawyers at Join Vienne Institute, by request of the IMF, by way of the director Henry N. Schiffman. In the sleeping car compartment, I was alone and I installed myself on the top bunk after I locked the door and secured it with the safety chain. I woke up suddenly because someone touched my foot. I got up to a sitting position and, at my feet, I saw a young man holding a bag in each hand which belonged to me and held the teaching material for Vienna. The compartment door was wide open and in the hallway outside the door there was a bouncer of unusual size stationed. The idea that there is no point in my presentation in Vienna annoyed me so much that I had a spontaneous reaction uncensored reason. I cannot explain to me what mechanism thought I realized though suddenly awakened from sleep in the train was in motion, I am in Hungary and that the two are Hungarian. Ignoring the corridor I snapped at the compartment, roaring in his lungs were the dirtiest, longest and more suggestive Hungarian swearing words. This chapter has a large material, though the range has a common goal, that of the maternal anatomy. Simultaneously, I ordered him imperatively to put down the bags and go do something specific with his author. The avalanche of cries, screams and curses was not foreign to the hope that it will awaken the sleeping car attendant that appeared after more than a quarter of an hour.

To my astonishment, instead of stabbing me, the young man left the bags on the floor and he waved his hands to calm me down. Shortly after, the two had disappeared. Bad luck clung to them, because after the door for communication with a neighbouring wagon could not be unlocked so that the two went backwards again passed me and again cursed at them.

6. In February 2003 I submitted to a scale of interventions (200 minutes) in the clinic of the professor of Debreczeni, Peterfi. The teacher is a graduate of Tg. Mures and the other two surgeons who have graduated from Iuliu Haţieganu. After intensive therapy, I was discharged on the eighth day after the intervention. Before leaving the hospital, I was examined by computer tomography. In the waiting room there were three patients who arrived before me. I am sure they recognized me as the heart surgery patient who also spoke Hungarian, but they gave no sign to betray it. One patient with a more imposing and authoritative figure, preserved even after retirement in a management position (simple assumption) uttered in a voice strong enough for me to hear it, the irredentist oath: “No! No! Never. “Obviously referring to Transylvania. The same character reported to the two others that, in 1940, he commanded a troop of Hebrew taken to forced labour at Salva, a railway was being built in poor conditions. Finally, defeated by curiosity he addressed me with an invitation to present myself. After learning that are professor of law at Cluj, his attitude changed. Held my gown while dressing and undressing, showing me exaggerated respect and told the doctor working the computer tomography machine that I should have better results than others do.

7. In the Cluj of the years after the war, I attended a kindergarten on the street now called Decebal. Every day, on returning home, from a green gate there now two boys emerged slightly taller than me who gave me a few punches, but did not put too much heart into this beating. Those were the bad guys, and at home in my backyard, I expect good boys and good girls. Obviously they were all Hungarians, but for me it was good and bad, were neither Hungarian nor Romanian.

The house that we were renting had one Romanian family, the one that I belonged to, the rest were Hungarian families. I never noticed even the slightest sign of hostility on their part. On the contrary, the owner of the string of horrible housing, with no electricity, gas and plumbing was also poor, and would tell my mother a story every morning, the same dream: “I dreamed of a large pot filled with “sarmale” (Romanian sort of cabbage rolls) and upon waking up there was nothing.” Of his conjugal relations he had honesty to say: “To me, he has the right, shut up !” and about a dead friend story” ate well, slept well , woke up dead.” The house immediately adjacent to ours had one fence separating us. In it lived a family of doctors, husband, wife and wife’s mother who had one child, 2-3 years younger than me, who was called Peter. The child with two parents, doctors. In the famine of 1946 he could have anything. He on the other hand, wanted something else. When he finally escaped the vigilance of his grandmother, he jumped the fence, came into our closet and rushed to the cold polenta, remaining from the previous day, which we would cut with a rope. With both hands cramming his mouth with polenta and did not hear when told not to rush because nobody wants that piece left from yesterday.

8. Last year, I was at the University of Timisoara, with a committee of public support of a thesis. The PhD student was a Hungarian judge. When my turn came to express my opinion, final phrase I uttered in Hungarian: “Take off the hat!” The sentence remained unfinished for assistance ears as deafening applause erupted like lightning and extended. All those present understood the phrase, even if they were Romanian.

9. Instead of conclusion, a simple question: “Do you think it is worth to know any other languages?”

With respect and sympathy shown to your neighbour, you will receive respect and maybe even a little sympathy.

prof. Dr. Ion Turcu
Retired Magistrate

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