The tone makes the music, but who sets the tone?

I think the two prose of Mr. Radu Chirita lawyer arised too much dust (in the eye) and degenerated, as it was predictable.

I do not know if the author is born under the sign of the twins, but judging only by the two prose, it seemed so. I read some of the books he has published. Comparison with the prose reveals a splitting of the personality, at least as an apparent contradiction between the work and the author. By “work” I understood  serious publications in an impressive volume. By “author” I understood the person who wrote, hastily, both prose (qualified by Mr. Jourdain) in a non-academic language, which could not promote baccalaureate. Examples: or avut; or dat; o ieșit; or auzit; a job hard as hell.

I might be wrong, but after two prose polemical style subsists the impression that the author of such prose (not the author of the law) belongs to the category of people who are advised to let them express themselves because they will give themselves the patch. I am cautious in appreciation because I’ve never worked with him, I’ve never attended his class and I have not heard pleading.

Prose that I comment started with good intentions, but discussions got inflamed and skidded so that they didn’t reach the level of seriousness and professionalism that we have the right to expect. However, I must admit that some of the author’s prose statements coincide with my own findings. In the 40 years when I worked as a judge, I focused on my files with the firm conviction that the distribution was random. I find now that it was not quite so random. Since I’m a lawyer, I take the files of others and sometimes I’m horrified by what I find. I might be wrong, but the impression that I had is that bribery is rising, and influence peddling thrive in an environment of silence and mutual tolerance. I think this should have been mandatory and ruthless, forceful intervention of the prosecutor. Unfortunately, such intervention remains a simple goal for at least two reasons:

1. The prosecution is controlled by the executive, so the politicians who hold power today and tomorrow have the handcuffs. In November 1994 I attended in Washington DC re-election as mayor of a citizen who obtained rehabilitation after being sentenced for drug trafficking committed while exercising the function of mayor of the capital of United States and the local police chief.

2. Too many of the crimes against property extra-penal premise of civil or commercial law is ignored by those investigating cases and their bosses who approve indictments.

I think these two causes demolish the trust in allegations stated by prosecutors because sometimes they destroy innocents and forgive criminals, acting at random or at order.

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retired magistrate

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