The financing guide of the Rabla program on 2014

In the Official Gazette of Romania, part I, no. 204 of 3rd March 2014 was published the Order of the minister of environment and climate change no. 364/2004 for approval of the financing guide of the program for stimulation the national car park renewal.

The guide contains provisions regarding:
– financing source, the the amount provided and the duration of the program;
– the amount and the conditions of granting the scrapping premium;
– the categories of persons eligible and eligibility criteria;
– participation of eligible persons in the program.

Among the novelties of Rabla program for 2014, we note:
– all the tickets will be made available to any dealer, depending on application;
– the program will accept cars older or equal to 8 years. We mention that in the previous years were accepted only cars older than 10 years;
– the tickets will be dsitributed electronically in the computer system of the AFM, and individuals who want to benefit from e-ticket will directly address the manufacturers/dealers that are validated in the program;
– Individual owner may assign its right to benefit of the scrapping premium for making new vehicle purchase.

As before the amount of the scrapping premium is 6.500 lei plus one eco-bonus of £ 500 but no more than two cross-cumulative bonuses for each of the following:
– The purchase of a new vehicle classified as Euro 6;
– The purchase of a new vehicle whose engine generates CO2 emissions below 100 g/km;
– The purchase of a new vehicle with hybrid propulsion system.

The owner benefits from the scrapping premium at the purchase of a new vehicle in exchange for the assign to cassation of a used vehicle.
The owner may purchase more new cars in exchange of assignin to cassation of an equivalent number of used vehicle, benefiting accordingly of more scrapping premiums.

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