Florentin Tuca about the new Civil Code

The magistrates who run for filling the vacancy in France: MJ published the list of candidates admitted for filling the vacancy of contact magistrate in the Unit of treaties, international relations and contact magistrates (French Republic). * * * The procedure of testing the professional integrity of the Ministry of Administration and Interior: The Official Gazette of Romania, part I, no.836 dated 25th of  November 2011  published the Order of the minister of administration and interior no. 256/2011 on the procedure of testing the professional integrity of the M.A.I. The test aims at the prevention of acts of corruption that might be involved M.A.I. staff and can be taken by the Anti-Corruption General Directorate (A.G.D.) or at the request of M.A.I. structures. * * * Traian Basescu about the notary and the philosophy of notary job: The president Traian Basescu participated on Saturday,26 November 2011,at the inauguration of the new Conference Center of the Romanian Notary “Auditorium Pallady”. On this occasion, the head of State has awarded the National Order “Romania Star” in the grade of officer to Dumitru Viorel Manescu, the president of the National Union of Public Notary in Romania,and the National Order “Faithful Service” in the grade of officer to Doina Rotaru, the president of the Chamber of Public Notary of Bucharest. * * * Bostina and the Associates awarded ten medalists from Dambovita: The law firm “Bostina and the Associates” awarded ten students from the high schools of Dambovita,winners of several Olympiads and contests,event which occurred on Friday 25 November 2011,in Targoviste,with the occasion of Money Channel Business Tour – “We put the European Funds on deal!” * * * LiderJust: On Monday,14 of November 2011,the Aula Magna of the Central Library of University “Carol I” of Bucharest hosted the conference “The Compass in Career”, organized by LiderJust,attended by more than 120 students in the legal field. * * * Contest for the management: NIM released on Monday, 28th of November 2011, the results obtained by the candidates at the test of supporting the project management in the context of the exam/contest for the appointment of the judges and the prosecutors, test supported on Monday 28 of November 2011. * * * About the new Civil Code and excellence: The master Florentin Tuca, Managing Partner of „Tuca Zbarcea and Associates”, had the courtesy to respond to readers of JURIDICE.ro to some less conventional questions. We thank him on this way! * * * The prosecutors at Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism: The department for prosecutors of the SCM appointed in positions of leadership at DIICOT the next prosecutors, for a period of 3 years, starting on 28th of November 2011: Catalin Camburi, Ioan Muresan and Victor Voinea. * * * The humanitarian campaign: The Council of the Bar of Timis decided to initiate and to support a humanitarian campaign titled “Help your neighbor in need”. The campaign will take place during the holidays, with the aim of collecting toys, clothes, shoes and money, goods which will be donated to the centers of care of the abandoned minor children.

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