Grace period for the obligations enforcement of paying of the pulic institutions

The judges of the High Court of Cassation and Justice appreciated (in the Ordinance no. 2172 dated 2nd June 2011 pronounced in appeal at the Commercial Department of the HCCJ having as an object granting a grace period of 18 months for paying the debt established by a sentence) that under the article 2 of  the G.O. no. 22/2002 regarding the enforcement of the payment’s obligation of the public institutions, established by writs, the grace period of 6 months granted by the legislator starts from communicated date by the bailiff of the payment summons.
In the test case, there is no proof for starting the enforcement proceeding, which means that it is unjustifiable the complainant request for granting a new 18 month grace period to execute the obligation, since the first grace period set by the legislator did not start.

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