Thoughts from the Hall of lost steps… 60 years have passed

Law no. 4 of 1953 – on Family Code – was published in the Official Bulletin of the Grand National Assembly of the People’s Republic of Romania, no. 1 of 4th January 1954 and has become effective as of 1st February 1954 (art.161).

The Family Code has protected the family from the Romanian state perimeter for more than 57 years.

Once the Civil Code became effective, on 1st October 2011, the Family Code was repealed.

Today, the family no longer represents a main objective of protection by the state, and the current main interest of the under aged persons is no longer a priority of the Romanian society.

The repeal of the Family Code has multiple negative significations from the point of view of the legal anthropology and legal ethnology.

The destructuring of Family in the absence of a coherent code is a consequence intended by those who drew up in the Civil Code the family norms, transforming the family relations in mercantile relations.

The main interest of the under aged persons is abandoned by the State in the hands of private persons or of certain local authorities’ representatives, who do not think at the nowadays child – who is the citizen of tomorrow – in perspective.

By abandoning the Family Code, it will soon lead to State destructuring, because the Family is the most important cell of a society.

It came to my mind a line from William Shakespeare’s play, MEASURE FOR MEASURE: “THE LAW HATH NOT BEEN DEAD, THOUGH IT HATH SLEPT”.

Which will be the future of the Romanian Family in the following decades? What about the future of today’s children?

It is better to reflect upon the social and national values which we must protect, one of them being the FAMILY.

The family destructuring leads to national school destructuring, national culture destructuring…


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