Amendment of regulations regarding the asylum

In the Official Gazette of Romania, Part I, no. 63 of January 24th 2014 was published the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 1/2014 amending and supplementing Law no. 122/2006 on asylum in Romania and the Government Ordinance no. 44/2004 on the social integration of foreigners who were granted a form of protection or a residence right in Romania, as well as for citizens of Member States of the European Union and European Economic Area.

News brought by the emergency ordinance aim, mainly, the following:
– defining and redefining concepts ( such as ” form of protection,” “beneficiary of international protection”, “serious crime”);
– regulation of vulnerable category of people or people with special needs;
– changing the validity of residence permits issued to foreigners who benefit from subsidiary protection;
– the express regulation regarding the access of minors to the preparatory course for the national for registration in the education system;
– the express regulation of insuring the  legal representation of unaccompanied minor, after it has been granted the international protection.

:: The source: JURIDICE.ro

Adina Elena OPREA
Junior Lawyer D&B David şi Baias

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