The Beekeeping Law

In the Official Gazette of Romania, part I, no.14 of 9th January 2013 has been published the Beekeeping Law no. 383/2013.

This law creates a legal frame on the regulation of beekeeping activities for the purpose of protecting the bees. The activity in beekeeping can be practiced by any natural person or legal entity of which bee families are registered in the Rural Land Register, are registered/authorized at the sanitary-veterinary direction and for the food safety at county level, hold apiary permit and have bee families identified in the unitary system of identifying the apiaries and beehives.

The improvement of bee breeding is made through improvement programs elaborated by the organizations and associations accredited by the National Agency for Breeding and Reproduction in Zootechny “Dr. G.K. Constantinescu” for establishing and maintaining the genealogical proofs, respectively the genealogical registers.
According to the regulatory document, the local public administration authorities, as well as the administrators of the agricultural and forestry lands shall provide temporary and permanent apiary hearthfire for the beekeepers, on the basis of the request submitted by them at the local council.

Through the derogation from the provision of Tax Code, the means of transport which perform the transportation of the beehives are exempt from paying the transportation fee. The law establishes also sanctions for not complying with the legal provisions in the field. Upon the effective date of the new law, the Beekeeping Law no. 89/1998 is repealed.

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