Other Tax Changes Published in Monitorul Oficial No. 703

Legislative News on Mining Royalties

Monitorul Oficial al Romaniei No 703 / 15 November 2013 has published Government Emergency Ordinance No 102 / 14 November 2013, which amends and supplements Law No 571 / 2003, regarding the Tax Code, and regulates tax and financial measures.

According to this Ordinance, starting 1 January 2014, the percent quotas applied to the mineral production value on the basis of which royalties are calculated will be amended and so will be the value of royalties set per unit of mineral production.

Amendment of the National Minimum Wage

Monitorul Oficial al Romaniei No 703 / 15 November 2013 has also published Government Resolution No 871 / 14 November 2013 on the establishment of the National Minimum Wage.

According to the aforementioned Resolution, the monthly gross minimum wage used as an upper limit on the contribution to the sick leave and healthcare indemnity Fund will increase to RON 850 as of 1 January 2014 and to RON 900 as to 1 July 2014.

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