Taxes, freedom and snowdrops

1. For example, in Germany are lower prices, from France. Consumer things, i.e. the things that interest us, generally have lower retail prices. Yes, but in France the taxes are lower than in Germany, it is said to me. This may mean that it would be good living in France and buying from Germany.

2. In Germany there isn’t a maximum speed limit on the highway. More, it isn’t illegal to drive with blood alcohol.

3. In Romania, both taxes and prices are higher, the speed on the highway is limited and you’re not allowed to drive drunk. The regulation method is probably appropriate, by normative coercion. On the other hand, in Romania the snow remains more on the side of the road, waiting to melt. This natural method of removal of the snow allows water to pass gradually into the soil, which favors the development of snowdrops.

4. The tax is the fundamentum regni, the base of operation of the State. The freedom is the feeling which helps bearing the tax, and the snowdrop is a delicate plant, whose eyesight gives us a delight which, even it alone, gives us a reason enough to say that it is nice that we were born.


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