For what is useful the intelligence

The purpose of laws is to do well what we have to do, not to make us happy.

I saved for decades the phrase “Courage hen, otherwise I will cut you out”, phrase by which the hen is encouraged to be courageous, not to struggle, to undertake with pride it destiny, even would do that with a smile deep hidden in the corners of it mouth. The source of the phrase was lost in the mist of  far time from where are my first memories, but the phrase returned in the field of consciousness, thinking in an apolitical way to Romania on the way back from Germany to Bucharest, by car, near Timisoara.

In Romania we are dealing with a combination between coercion and freedom, no satisfactory doubt for the general interest. I strongly believe that the county of Romania is an adventurous holiday destination for foreigners. For us, those who are familiar to live here, the adventure is a modus vivendi, incentive for the brain. I am not convinced that the intelligence is useful for everyday life. In reality, to live civilized you don’t need to be very smart, and even doing very well the most things that need to be made.

If the goal for which we stand is the happiness, we are not sitting well. If the goal is to do well what we have to do, the perspective is optimist, as the dawn of the day when it’s warm, it’s not windy and you are not asleep.


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