NRCC backs the free movement of labour across all EU Member States

The Netherlands-Romanian Chamber of Commerce (NRCC) and the Dutch Romanian Network back the free movement of labour across all EU Member States and support the 1st of January 2014 deadline to grant Romanian workers full access to the Dutch labour market as specified in Romania and Bulgaria’s accession treaty to the EU, according to a statement.

Peter de Ruiter, the acting President of the NRCC: “In our view there is no reason why Romanian and Bulgarian workers should not be given full access to the European Union labour market, in all Member States, as of the 1st of January 2014 as previously agreed at the moment of the accession of the two countries to the EU. If we look at the countries that already granted Romanians and Bulgarians full access to their labour market we see that there was no massive influx of migrant workers and that new arrivals were able to integrate into the labour market according to the law of supply and demand. In the same time, there should be equal treatment for all EU citizens working in The Netherlands. As such, all artificial structures and wage difference between Dutch and migrant workers should be addressed”.

Robin van Rozen, who will take over as President of the NRCC as of the 1st of October 2013: “We feel that it is in the long term interests of The Netherlands to uphold the EU fundamental principle of freedom of movement of labour. One cannot sacrifice these principles that are the foundation of EU prosperity in times of economic difficulties. Only by moving forward can the EU and The Netherlands overcome this on-going economic crisis”.

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