The Romanian Arbitration Journal no. 4/2013

It was published the 4th number of the Romanian Arbitration Journal.

Editor: dr. Radu Bobei

Who guards the guardians ? : Contracting States and Available Safeguards for Ensuring Arbitrators’ Impartiality and Absence of Bias in the ICSID Convention Compared to the Framework in the New York Convention – Cornel Marian

Lewiatan Court of Arbitration introduces the 2012 Arbitration Rules – Anna Maria Pukszto, Stanisław Sołtysik

SCC Practice: Separate Awards for Advance on Costs (1 January 2007-31 August 2012) – Gretta Walters

The Status of Maritime Arbitrators – Gabriel Mihai, Ph.D.

Some theoretical and practical issues regarding the annulment of the arbitral award – Cristian Mareș, Mihai Mareș

Works Contract
The obligation to submit a performance bond in a bank account – culpable non-performance – amount of money claimed by the way of update, by applying the inflation index, of the performance bond – the principle of full compensation – criteria for (re) assessment of the debt – the reason for certifying the construction
works by the consulting Engineer

Commission contract
Payment by issuing of promissory notes – the enforceability of promissory notes – consequences

Distribution contract
Obligation to pay the value of the goods ordered – culpable non-performance – unfounded nature of the exception of non-performance of the contract

Default of payment for the goods delivered – correlation to not contesting the delivery of the goods, on the one side, and not contesting the value of the goods, on the other side – consequences


Book reviews

III.1. Andrea Marco Steingruber, Consent in international arbitration, Oxford University Press, UK, 2012, 336 pages

III.2. Revue de l’Arbitrage, 1, 2012, 238 pages

III.3. Alexander J.Bêlohlávek, B2C Arbitration: Consumers’ Protection in Arbitration, JurisNet LLC Publishing House(Huntington, New York), 2012, 522 pages

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