About smart, active and moral people. Happy birthday!

Coming Holiday! It comes to my mind “BD to mountain and to sea”, which I wish you too. It comes to my mind the unmistakable figure of a friend which is well known in the legal word but whose modesty don’t let me to divulge him.

If we speak honestly, which is not always a way very productive, we have to admit that most young people who lean toward legal science were students for whom mathematics were not, even far from it, a comfortable area.

Therefore, mathematics is an unattractive area to the vast majority of the law school graduates. There are some exceptions to this rule, jurists who perform fast and accurate the thinking algorithm, on a path of bitter humour (like a good chocolate).

The friend I mentioned above is an exception. In addition, he is lucky to find in JURIDICE.ro community interlocutors who enjoy him. I saw it with my own eyes several times.

Although the natural radioactivity of Romania makes me pessimistic and reserved, the good job that my friend is making in front of JURIDICE.ro community is reason enough to be convinced that our dear homeland earth has enough mental resources for our world to be absolutely comfortable.

That’s why I wish “Happy birthday!”, both to unmistakabke figure and to you, the public of JURIDICE.ro, because you are just as smart, active and moral as us.

Thank you for your attention and I wish you a sharp summer holiday!


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