Good Practice Guide regarding the use of mediation in cross-border cases

Within the project “Promoting mediation in cross-border cases in civil matters”, financed under the program “Civil Justice” 2010 and in partnership with the Ministry of Justice of the Netherlands, the Ministry of Justice of Bulgaria, the European Association of Judges that supports mediation – GEMME, the nongovernmental organization MIKK of Germany, the Mediation Council of Romania and the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Moldova, there were developed a brochure in cross-border mediation field which is addressed to a large public and a good practice guide that provides useful information to familiarize the specialists from the participating Member States with the legal instruments and the procedures applicable to the cross-border mediation in civil matters, according to a statement of Ministry of Justice.

The project “Promoting mediation in cross-border cases in civil matters”, whose purpose was to improve the legal knowledge of cross-border mediation practitioners (mediators, judges, experts of the central institutions of the participating Member States, other practitioners in the field of mediation in civil matters), was carried out between May 2011 – March 2013 and has received funding under the Specific Program “Civil Justice” of the European Union, with a budget of 249.075 Euro (of which 80% is the grant awarded by the European Commission).


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