EC: Electronic invoice in the field of public acquisitions | Project

The European Commission proposed a project for a Directive regarding electronic invoice in the field of public acquisitions.

The Commissioner on Internal Market and Services, Michel Barnier: “Ensuring a modern, efficient public administration in the EU represents a priority for the European Commission. The switch to electronic system for public acquisitions, especially to electronic invoice, may ensure a large amount of economies and facilitate the activity as well as for the government, as for thousands of firms which develop their activity in the internal market. The switch form paper documents to electronic invoice may reduce the costs to receiving a bill from 30-50 euro to 1 euro. These economies are welcomed and useful in the actual economic climate. Taking into consideration that the public sector generates most of the spending in the EU, it should have the leading role in stimulating others to adopt this new system.”

The project for the directive regarding the electronic invoice in the field of public acquisitions suggests implementing a European standard for electronic invoice, which hopeful will improve the inadvertences between different systems of electronic invoice, especially the national ones. It’s purpose is to eliminate the legal uncertainty, excessive complexity and additional costs for the economical operators which, in present, have to use different billing systems in the member states. This legislative act will also contribute to stimulating Europe to embrace the electronic invoice, which remains at a very low level, representing only 4-15% of all the bills.

The proposal of the Commission regarding the electronic invoice will be sent to the Council and European Parliament for approval.

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