A new generation of leaders in Justice

The best law firm in Real Estate: The great prize in the category dedicated to active law firms in the Real Estate in ICJ Awards Romania 2011 gala was won by Tuca Zbarcea and Associates. * * * The promotion to the High Court assumed by the Government: The draft law on the promotion of judges to the High Court will be assumed by the Government through the process of governmental liability. The Prime Minister Emil Boc said the selection of this way of magistrates to the HCCJ replies to the criteria and to exigencies of professional probity and ethics. * * * The Romanian supreme judges will cooperate with the Brazilian supreme judges: Livia Doina Stanciu has met with the Brazil’s Ambassador to Bucharest, Raymundo Santos Rocha Mango. Interestingly is that it was decided to sign a protocol of cooperation with the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court. * * * We have coast guard: The Official Gazette of Romania published the regulatory which provides to establish the Coast Guard in the Black Sea coastline and to replace the existing frontier county inspectorates with territorial services. * * * Promotions, withdrawal of lawyers: Seven lawyers were promoted in Managing Associates and three collaborator lawyers have become seniors in Tuca Zbarcea and Associates. The new Managing Associates are Anca Jurcovan, Oana Gavrilă, Mihaela Maxim (Ivan), Oana Cornescu, Raluca Mişu, Dragoş Apostol and Dominic Morega. The promotions to status of senior lawyer has endorsed on Geanina Tache, Alexandru Anghel and Oana Mina.Iuliana Craiciu and Musat and Associates have decided, by common agreement, to cease the collaboration, as the new retired to dedicate to some personal projects.Zamfirescu Racoti Predoiu promoted seven lawyers after the process of evaluating the professional performances of collaborators lawyers. It is about Alina Tugearu and Catalin Micu – managing associates and Iulian Negoita, Larisa Popoviciu, Catalin Gurita-Manole, Cristian Mineran and Valentin Moroeanu – Senior Asociates. * * * A new generation of leaders in Justice: The second session of the Program Leaders for Justice ended with a ceremony attended by the secretary of the MJ Lidia Barac. The magistrate has shared diplomas to the young leaders enrolled in competition, telling them: “the passion and the character are two things which, if it follows you everywhere and you add the faith, you get very far away in knowing the right and in building the community that you attended to”. * * * New home for the National Library: The headquarters of the National Library was inaugurated this week. The neighborhood of the Bucharest Court will make it even more accessible. * * * The chief of the Judicial Inspection promoted to the High Court: Although for six years is detached from the SCM, the judge Mihaela Tropcea was promoted by the Plenum of the SCM as a judge, to the First Civil Section of the High Court of Cassation and Justice. * * * Reinforcements for the Criminal Section at the HCCJ: Five judges (four from the Bucharest Court of Appeal and a judge from the Bacau Court) were promoted to the Criminal Section of the High Court. It is about Leontina Cismasiu, Ioana Alina Ilie, Lavinia Lefterache, Lucia Rog and Maricela Cobzariu. * * * Blocking the foreclosure – exceptional: The conference “Blocking the foreclosure”, live broadcast on JURIDICE.ro, was one of the best conference organized by the Society of Legal Sciences, believed Roxana Tudoroiu, participant in the hall. The speakers were the bailiff Bogdan Dumitrache and the judge Evelina Oprina, moderators were the judge Adina Cornea and Andrei Savescu. * * * And however, the sphere of the disciplinary misbehavior for magistrates is extending: The Senate, as a decisional chamber, has adopted the draft of modification of the Laws no. 303/2004 and 317/2004 on the extension of the disciplinary misbehaviors on the magistrates. Initially the Chamber of Deputies rejected these bills. Both the Superior Council of Magistracy and the Association of Magistrates of Romania requested to HCCJ putting into discussion of the United Sections of intimation of the Constitutional Court for the control of constitutionality of these laws before promulgation. The next day, unanimously, the United Sections decided to refer the matter to the Constitutional Court. * * * The president of the CJ in Romania two years ago: Vassilios Skouris, the president of the Court of Justice, said, in an interview for JURIDICE.ro two years ago, that he expects the Romanian courts to use more often the preliminary question. The hope became reality as the very High Court turned to this institution, the CJEC answering just at the end of the past month.


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