The last week of 2011

The last week of 2011 was the time when all of us checked the „to do” list, prepared the new year’s resolutions or just went on a holiday… But while everyone was taking a break, the justice system was busy setting up new begginings. Instead of a bunddle of joy and gifts the end of the year brought a bundle of new laws, all wrapped up for us to enjoy while counting down the last seconds of the past year.

The Parliament hurried to approve a new protocol to the Romanian-Suisse Convention, to join the EUCARIS treaty and to dress up some laws for an official reissue. While the law for protecting new plant variety needed a new form due to multiple changes, the law regarding the supreme court had a total makeover. 2012 will have no interview-based supreme judges as the new law imposes a written exam and a clear structure of selection.

All the ministers were like Santa’s little helpers so they’ve packed lots of official orders regarding USA defence system on Romanian soil, the list of free medicine, medical assistance and cultural heritage. As we are not yet at war and we are stil healthy here are the top 3 points of interest: if in 2012 you are stopped for technical traffic control is best you know it only includes checking the car’s documents, taking a visual assesment of the vehicle or/and making a technical inspection of the car and if you need a license for transporting goods or people you will need to adress a I.S.C.T.R. inspector; if you have no driving license but you want to become an apprentice there are new rules regarding the indenture, like a predefined form and a period of no more than 36 months; number one on the list regards your personal data, like your personal numerical code or your passport number, which cannot be given to a third party unless you agree to this measure or the measure is provided by a law or in extraordinary circumstances with special approval from national authorities.

We all know that „3 is a crowd” but when it comes to the judiciary and the rule of law… the more the merrier. Bucharest Appeal Court launched a new site which hosts more than 1000 decisions of the romanian courts and celebrated this new era of technology with a museum opening. While everyone was celebrating, the former head of Brasov Consummers Protection Agency received a 8 year jail sentence for bribery and the prosecutors from DIICOT indicted 8 persons for forging American Express cards and using them online.

All in all it was a busy year for all of us in the legal system and I hope that 2012 will be as exciting as the final hours of 2011 predicted.

See you all next week!


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