About prom night

In this breezy evening, I attend the prom night organized by the Romanian-American University students…

Traditionally, around the upper graduation, students organize a final ”dance”. I participate (passive, not active) at such events as micro-teacher for 15 years. I noticed every time the joy from their eyes and movements, and that confirmed me every time that feelings have their own life, separated from the thoughts.

If I reflect, prom is a sad ceremony, which marks the end of the most beautiful period of life. Nothing like babies, but it is still very beautiful.

If I skip reflecting, the prom is a brilliant event, expressing confidence in future, confidence which is specific youth. The confidence is determined by the heyday of youth, whose fragrance covers the hall where the event is taking place and enters through nose in the heads of all, getting drunk with ideas about wonders that future has set aside for graduates.

For what concerns the graduates in law, future means starting the probation: hard work, bad bosses and little money. Of course, the work it is always hard, bosses are always bad and money are inexorable too little…

Today’s youth are tomorrow’s pensioners. Meanwhile, it follows tomorrow, which one can hope that it will be better than today. In an atmosphere of hope, indispensable to dance, I invite you to dance, even in thought!

dr. Andrei SĂVESCU

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