The proceedings of the Joint Standing Committee of the Chamber of the Deputies and Senate for the revision of the Constitution have started

Wednesday, 29th of May, the President of the Romanian Senate, Crin Antonescu, considering his position as president of the joint standing committee of the Chamber of the Deputies and Senate for the revision of the Constitution, made a few statements regarding the start of the proceedings, according to the official statement.

Crin Antonescu: “ A very important moment for today’s activity was the start of the proceedings on the  content of the joint standing committee in order to create the project for revising the Constitution. To start with, I salut the way in which this first meeting of the committee for the revision of Constitution went.

It is to be saluted the fact that  there was a discussion on the content, a discussion spared, this time, of populist and ultrapartisan speeches, a temperate, serious discussion, a discussion in which, as a matter of fact, we mostly found consens, and even unanimity, which gives me hope to believe that through all our meetings, in this spirit, in this manner of analyzing and revising the Constitution, will the project for revising be created because, obviously, the last word will belong to the debate and decision of the Joint Standing Committee and, finally, the last word, as it is normal to be, will belong to all the Romanian citizens through referendum.
I salute the fact that, also today, the Chamber of the Deputies enacted the Law of the Referendum, the link between these two projects- The Law of the Referendum and the revision of the Constitution- being obvious.

As for the Committee, I add something I already said- I’ll say it again: starting next week, according to the decisions taken today by the Committee, three working days will be entirely assingned, for the members of the Committee, to the proceedings of this Committee- Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday- between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., with the option of extending it, if needed.

There are several amendments, and as you could also saw today, there are not only amendments proposed and advocated by parliamentary groups, but there are also individual amendments and amendments by some groups of members of the Parliament, which are not claimed by the entire parliamentary groups, this not meaning that they are less entitled to be presented, advocated and voted in the Committee.”

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