The real world of legal advisors

NASA will capture an “asteroid” and will make it a satellite for Moon (seriously!). What a kind of concerns have some people!… I would say that they are not living in the real world… Right before to say they are insane, there is a trace of doubt which is crossing my mind: but, if this is the real world?

I noticed that in Romania is different from other places. In the real world, extremities are richly represented:
– For instance, if you go to a doctor and you had an appointment for a consultation that you want to pay although you dont’t want to be consulted, it is possible, in Romania, to be refused your payment and to receive a gift: a bottle of wine…
– For instance, if you leave your car for repairing, it is possible, in Romania, to get it worse than it was…

The world of legal advisors is one full of laws and specialized software, designed to keep alive the harmony of interests. Is this the real world? Yes and no! On the one hand, the real world of legal advisors is the world in which  they keep watch the warp where the businesses of the company are tissued. On the other hand, the real world of legal advisors is a world where they are trembling because of the contracts terror, they are like skiers, always making slalom through business decisions which ignore them and overhelming legal constraints.

At one end, legal advisor is the keystone of organization. On the other end, is an anxious on duty, always keeping a piece of fear in breast pocket.

Which is the real world of legal advisors?


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