I prefer geese

It is said that swans sing when they die, hence the phrase ” swan song”. The song is sad, rather a whine than a song….It sounds really bad, I assure you….

Swans are a kind of geese which are more appreciated by people because they look better, but not because they would have an evolved character. Also the geese are whining when they die, as disgraceful as swans, but their song has not entered into folklore. Swan song entered the folklore because the interesting appearence of those extend in our minds on everything swans do.

Money are swans, joys are geese. The connection between money and joys is that the money are good in making you happy.

By reason of the easiness that money morphs into happiness, as we spend money, we extend positive feelings towards money, as they would be a reason for joy. When they dissapear, the break up song sounds very sad. When we break up with money , the sadness is bigger than the moment when a joy stops, because the swan song is sadder than the geese song.

I prefer geese. Therefore, I wish you small geese every day!

>> The source: JURIDICE.ro


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