About attraction between some and others

The New Pope related in his book ”On The Heavens and The Earth” , that one day he was fascinated by the physical and mental beauty of a woman. Considering his vocation and decision toward the celibacy, he noted through the process of introspection that one week from that remark, he just could’t get her out of his mind. Quoting:  When I tried to pray, she appeared in my mind, I had to focus on what I was doing.

Given the fact that he is now a sovereign pontiff, it is clear that after a week things were back on track. Indeed, the instinct is more powerful than rationality, at least as a motivational impulse, because it comes from those deep parts of a human, from the ancient brain, but in this case religiously vocation defeated human temptations.

How wonderful it would be if between vocation and instinct would be  an overlap. The overlap would had been so full of flavor and joy.

Fortunately, the instinct and rationality of businessmen are paired  regarding the attraction they show toward the professionals working specifically in areas that are indispensable for doing business: the money and the law, the temptation and the gun. Businessmen are inexorably attracted by accountants and lawyers.

Attraction exists, is innate and benefical. Good luck in your business relation!

>> The source: JURIDICE.ro

student, Universitatea din Bucuresti, Facultatea de Drept
intern Societatea de Stiinte Juridice

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