Life is not fair! Be nice to nerds!

On a news website has appeared a story regarding some ideas presented by Bill Gates in a public conference at a highschool in U.S.A. The website cites a romanian blogger as a source of information.

The primary source is a promoting text of a book written by Charles Sykes, which contains 50 ideas.

The internet hosts several versions of these meme- ideas and the number of meme which appear in a group is different.

Law experts know this is true, young jurists learn, students are thinking…..

1. Life is not fair.

2. The world doesn’t care on your opinion about you. Respect is earned, not given.

3. If you think your teacher is rigorous, you still have not seen  how it feels to have a boss!

4. Working in a fast- food is not something beneath your dignity

5. If you screw up, it’s your fault.

6. Life is not divided into semester and there is no summer holiday.

7. Be kind with nerds. You’ll probably work for one of them.

So are the ideas, notions with which  law graduates make first step into legal word. Tortuous, alive, going from one point to another and suffering mutations at every shift from a mind to another. The elementary source is legal text. The text is frequently victimized when the interpretation given by academics is simpler and clearer than the text itself. The wind of interest fills the sail of interpretation, carrying jurist to the next targets.

Fortunately, we have a stable sanctuary: legal text. The new Civil Code and new Code of Civil Procedure are still at their beginnings, when the memes  hadn’t get too far from shore. Nevertheless, those many legal events generate and will generate more and more new and unexpected meanings of texts from new Civil Code and new Code of Civil Procedure.

I join the choir of those who sing that legal text is the shore that mustn’t lose sight when we sail on legal water.

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