Amendments of Romanian Citizenship law

In the Official Gazette of Romania, Part I, no. 148 of 20 March 2012 was published Law no. 44/2012 for amending and supplementing Romanian Citizenship law no. 21/1991.

The law establish amends and supplements of Romanian Citizenship law no. 21/1991, facilitating the granting of Romanian Citizenship for Romanians living abroad, namely to people who acquired Romanian Citizenship by borning or adoption and lost it by reasons beyond them, as their descendants up to grade 3.

Thus, according to Law no. 21/1991, these people can regain or may be granted  Romanian nationality, on demand, with the possibility of keeping foreign citizenship and establish the residence in the country or maintaining this abroad.

In this respect, the normative act amends art. 16 alin. 2 lit.a) from law, by introducing a 60 days term in wich to be comunicate to the Comission of Citizenship, the relations requested by the authorities  regarding the fulfillment of conditions stipulated in art. 8 alin 1 lit. b) and e) from law. These conditions recquire as the applicant has not taken action against the rule of law or the national security of Romania and not have been convicted in country or abroad of an offense that make him unworthy to be Romanian citizen. In the previous form of the law there was not set a specific deadline for comunicating this information.

Other amendments aim the introduction of a term where President of the National Authority for Citizenship release the granting or regaining order of the Romanian citizenship.

Thus, according to the new law, the President of National Authority for Citizenship , release within a period not to exceed 3 days the order of granting or regaining the romanian citizenship. The order is communicated to applicant by registered letter with receipt confirmation, within 3 days of the release date.

In the previous form of the law, it was established an immediate communication of the order, without being stipulated a definite term.

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